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Charlie & Michael’s Bright Autumn Wedding

I really loved working with Charlie and her mum on plans for this wedding. They were just good people with nice ideas, and some refreshing, unconventional ideas for the day.

It was all a bit cloak-and-dagger at times too, with lovely mum ordering extra flowers to surprise the couple with on the day. It was all rather exciting really!

We went for a mix of flowers in colours to complement the season, as well as both venues; Southampton Art Gallery and The Cromwell Arms in Romsey. Now, Southampton Art Gallery was a new one for me, and I really think more people should get married here. It’s so light and airy and beautiful; a hidden gem tucked away in the back of the civic centre.


The bridal flowers had a fabulous combination of colours and textures, including sunflowers, one of Charlie’s favourites…

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Gillian & Richard’s Scottish Style Wedding

Beautiful bride Gillian’s family are Scottish, so a hint of the highlands was in order for the couple’s big day. A textural look, with white thistles and rich purple and lilac tones fit the bill nicely. Traditional English flowers such as roses and scented freesias were included too.


I love these stunning lilac ‘Dolcetto’ roses. The slightly pink undertones help to bring deeper colours to life.

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Claire & Duncan’s Hollywood Vintage Wedding

Held at the end of September last year, Claire and Duncan’s wedding was a small and intimate affair, but certainly not lacking in style! 1940s Hollywood glam was the order of the day, with the celebrations beginning at Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum (now a superb new wedding ceremony location) and continuing at Hotel Miramar on the cliff-top in Bournemouth.


Claire had a very clear idea about the look she wanted for the flowers, but wasn’t sure how to achieve it. In her own words, they needed to be “not too structured, not too white, not too many compact roses, a bit of texture and some berries”. Luckily, that told me all I really needed to know and I knew we’d get on.

The bouquets included hydrageas, some (not too compact) roses, chrysanthemums, carnations (yes, they’re cool again folks!) and foliage including gorgeous furry silver senecio.

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Azar & Dillan’s amazing Axnoller wedding

When Azar first got in touch and talked about her tastes and choices for her wedding, it was obvious it was going to be a very stylish day. The couple were planning everything from all the way over in Australia where they live (no easy task!), but I was impressed with everything they’d organised so far. And basically, I was sold as soon as antlers and a birch-pole arbour were mentioned…

The venue for the whole day, Axnoller, is a relatively new addition to the Dorset wedding scene, and was seriously wow-ing couples, guests and suppliers alike all season long. It’s beautifully renovated and a great place to take over for a entire weekend. And the marquee there is just the sort I love- Indian raj tent style!


The main event took place outside on the terrace, under a stunning arch that Azar and Dillan commissioned for the occasion. Azar’s mum trained as a celebrant in order to perform the ceremony, so it was incredibly personal; the setting and weather just put the icing on the (wedding) cake.

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Choosing your wedding flowers – a bride’s perspective

I try to give my clients the time and attention they need, along with unique ideas, all the creativity I can muster, and the benefit of my experience. I think I do it pretty well, but there is always something I wonder about… I don’t really know what it’s like being on the receiving end of all that hard work.

Luckily, my photographer friend Rebecca Frost recently blogged about her own experiences planning her flowers, and is allowing me to share them here…

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Claire & Robin’s New Forest Wedding – with Martin Beddall Photography

Claire and Robin were married at the end of the Summer, in a sunny haze of outdoorsy goodness. I loved the low-key, classic yet fashionable style of the whole day, and the fact that Claire’s parents have a stunning large garden (with lake!) to host the reception was wonderful.


The flowers were a mix of seasonal, english garden flowers such as dahlias, roses, delphiniums, daisies and mint, with fragrant herbs and eucalyptus. The loose and casual style looked just right with the country surroundings.

And when the bride calls you to say she took her bouquet on honeymoon because she couldn’t bear to leave it behind, you know she loved it!

Big thanks to Martin Beddall for sending over these gorgeous pictures from the day. You captured the relaxed and happy atmosphere so beautifully…

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Jen & Stephen’s Trafalgar Park Wedding – with Claire Penn Photography

I just received one of the best emails ever! Pro pics from Jen and Stephen’s glorious wedding last year, by the amazingly talented Claire Penn. Claire deserves some major props for her work (and gets them- she was recently named one of Rangefinders 30 rising stars of wedding photography IN THE WORLD). I totally get why Jen and Stephen transported her way down-country to photograph their day and the results are simply breath-taking.


It was the second lot of flowers I made for Jen and Stephen (for no.2 of their three weddings across two continents!), and I felt very lucky to work with them again, especially since Jen is such a big flower fan. I won’t go through all the usual stuff about how we picked out colours and chose the flowers this time because I think the photographs just say it all. It was stunning. Enjoy…

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Dan & Cat’s retro movie-inspired wedding

This was a special one for me, as Dan and Cat are lovely friends of ours. I get quite nervous making flowers for people I know (not sure why!), but Cat had a really clear idea of what she wanted style-wise and I loved it all. I’m gonna call it ‘nerd-styling’ and hope they don’t mind that label… I honestly mean it in the most positive way, since I’m a total nerd also 😉


So here’s the lowdown: The vows bit took place at Ringwood Meeting House… it was actually the first wedding ceremony to take place there for decades. The colour scheme for the whole day was inspired by the duck-egg blue interior woodwork of the building, so we went for blue hydrangeas mixed with vintage roses, dahlias and gypsophila. Everything else had a 1950s-ish, ditzy printed vibe, with some awesome comic-book/graphic novel stuff thrown in (see table names), and Dan arrived in a brilliant replica DeLorean from Back to the Future! In fact, the whole thing felt like it could have been in that film (which I LOVED since it’s my all-time fave), even the old-court-housey feel of the ceremony venue.

Here’s some of their stationery and stuff to give you an idea. Not my work, but it’s worth sharing since it’s so blimmin’ beaut:

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The Wedding Industry Awards 2015 – We did the double!

January has been pretty crazy for team JP! Mr P and I headed off for a well-earned break in veeerrry cold northern Lapland just after New Year, where I celebrated turning 30 (booo!) and we did lots of lovely wintery things, including catching a full on show from the spectacular aurora borealis (yay!).

Just a few days after getting back to reality in good old blighty, we were off to Cafe de Paris in London for the national final of The Wedding Industry Awards 2015. Since winning the regional title for Best Newcomer in the South West, I was again just happy to share a good night out with industry buddies, drink a little too much champagne and soak up the atmosphere.


Pictures by Adby Creative

Shocked was not really the right word when I picked up not only the national Best Wedding Industry Newcomer award, but also the Best Wedding Industry Website award! I think I nearly fell over- what an honour, and against such stiff competition!


With Guides for Brides director Alison Hargreaves. Picture by Adby Creative

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The year that was – 2014

Well, the final wedding of the year is done and dusted. It’s been an amazing year full of happy days and literally thousands of beautiful flowers.

Thanks to each and every couple who chose Jennifer Poynter Flowers to create their wedding magic this year!

Picture courtesy of Andrew Billington Photography

There were 31 stunning brides and 31 wonderful grooms, 89 dutiful bridesmaids and 29 cute flower girls…
There were 297 buttonholes for the boys and 35 sets of hair flowers for the girls…
10 flowery wedding cakes and 2 flowery seating plans…
Those emotional ceremonies were decorated with 110 pew end arrangements, and the receptions with 195 centrepieces…
There were archways and huge designs in giant stone urns…
There were fairy lights in trees and marquees, and mums thanked with enormous bouquets…
There were also too many candles to count- probably well over 700!

Picture courtesy of BH13 Photography
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