Wednesday Wedding Wizards – Harry Fynn

Every Wednesday I feature a fabulous wedding supplier in the south of England. From photography and cakes to event planning and entertainment, these are the people I love to work with and want to shout about!

This week, a guy I wish had been at my own wedding- unfortunately I didn’t know him then! Harry, from Harry’s Vintage Wedding Films, produces gorgeous vintage wedding films, completely authentic and totally beautiful. A really different way to record the big day in these times of HD. Love it!


What service/product do you provide?

I capture weddings the old fashioned way, using real Super 8 film and an authentic cine film camera.

Describe yourself in three words:

Artistic. Creative. Passionate.

How did you come to work in weddings?

When I was younger I produced wedding videos for close family friends and had amazing feedback, so I decided to offer it professionally and made it part of my video production business.

The vintage side of it comes from my dad’s interest in film and that he was able to keep an old cine film camera in full working order! I love the look of film and knew it was something I had to add to my wedding video service.

What do you love most about your job?

The fact that I’m capturing something that will form part of two people’s history. It’s something that might be watched for generations to come. That, I love.


What part of a wedding makes you go ‘YES!’?

When I get the film back from processing I always watch it first on a traditional film projector. Up until this point I don’t know if any of my shots have come out. Seeing those frames flicker into life on screen is an experience which is very special to me.

If you were getting married tomorrow, what would you wear?

Braces over a white shirt. That would look great on film.


Check out more on Harry’s website here and go watch these films by Harry right now! Ray & Felicia, Richard & Leah.

JP x

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