Wednesday Wedding Wizards – Keith Bridle

Every Wednesday I feature a fabulous wedding supplier in the south of England. From photography and cakes to event planning and entertainment, these are the people I love to work with and want to shout about!

Today, the lovely chap that is Keith Bridle of Bridle Photography (see what he did there?). Many know him as the man with the beard (it’s getting bigger by the day I swear!), but you should also check out his pictures because they’re lovely too. Keith comes from a family of photographers so has lots of experience and he’s really passionate about fun weddings and fun people 🙂


What service/product do you provide?

Wedding and Portrait Photography

Describe yourself in three words:

Professional, Fun, Relaxed

How did you come to work in weddings?

I went to college for 5 years for photography and during that time I worked for several BMX magazines shooting worldwide. My Grandad was a wedding photographer and had been for 50 yrs. I remember getting asked to shoot my first wedding and him there to hold my hand and guide me through!! After working with him for a couple years he decided to retire and hand everything over to me, from there i progressed to where I am today- a full-time wedding photographer and loving every minute of it.

What do you love most about your job?

I love people. I love capturing their moment. I love seeing the expressions as they look at the pictures. I just LOVE taking photos of people’s memories knowing that they will last a lifetime.


What part of a wedding makes you go ‘YES!’?

As with anything where you are capturing the day on film its always THE SHOT! But sometimes for me its them saying I DO… you become very close to your clients to the point you don’t consider them clients but friends. Hearing and seeing friends get married is amazing every weekend i do it. 

If you were getting married tomorrow, what would you wear?

For anyone who knows me they know this is difficult!! I love a 3 piece suit but i also love check shirts and tweed!! 

Forest wedding (canada): suit trousers, white shirt, tweed waistcoat, massive beard!!


Check out more on Keith’s website here.

JP x

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