Sally and Tom’s Stylish London Asylum Wedding

I can barely contain my excitement about this one! Sally and Tom’s wedding ceremony took place on Saturday at one of the most unique and stunning venues I’ve ever had the pleasure to set foot in (I’m not supposed to have favourites am I?)…


The chapel Asylum in Peckham is part of Caroline Gardens, a 19th century residential sanctuary of almshouses, originally built to house retired pub landlords. Bombed in the second world war and practically gutted, it incredibly retained it’s beautiful stained glass windows and some carved stone monuments. It is now an arts and entertainments space and the decaying walls are often used as a backdrop for fashionable photo-shoots. The place really does have a very special atmosphere with wonderful light and beautiful acoustics- amazing for a wedding!

I met Sally and her mum at a wedding exhibition, and I knew from the moment they showed me pictures of the venue that I wanted to provide their flowers. It’s a long old day trekking to London from Dorset and moving flowers about for hours, but it was definitely worth the effort!


A lovely combination of roses, hydrangeas, delphiunium, snap dragons, viburnum and nigella were chosen in blues, whites and zingy greens. This really added some colour and life to the proceedings…


I love having the opportunity to create displays for big spaces… the jars of flowers for the chairs and large pedestal arrangements added emphasis to the aisle and ceremony area.


The boys were all at the venue nice and early, so I was able to help with the dreaded buttonhole application. They were a rather dapper looking bunch too!

Since I was sticking around to move all the flowers to the reception, Sally and Tom insisted that I take a seat and enjoy the ceremony with their guests. This was a first for me… usually the florist is all done and out of the way before the main event. I do like a good wedding though and I was honoured to be included in the congregation. It was all a bit emotional actually!


After a few drinkies, the wedding party moved along to The Rosendale, a smart pub with function space in West Dulwich. Repurposing the flowers here for the tables and occasional decorations provided a bit of continuity…


Nice wedding huh?

As always, it was a joy to be involved in such a special celebration and I wish Sally and Tom all the best for their new journey together.

JP x

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