Wednesday Wedding Wizards – Jenny Budzynski

Every Wednesday I feature a fabulous wedding supplier in the south of England. From photography and cakes to event planning and entertainment, these are the people I love to work with and want to shout about!

Today it’s all about the CAKE! Jenny Budzynski of Miss Ingredient Cake Company is truly passionate about wedding cakes and makes some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. They are also totally delicious and she really has a knack for designing unique masterpieces that perfectly reflect a couple’s style. Her personalised edible cake toppers are amazing too!


What service/product do you provide?

I make wedding cakes from an extensive portfolio but also many that are bespoke too. Wherever the inspiration comes from, each one is totally unique. There’s always a little slice of me in each one!

Describe yourself in three words:

Devoted cake lady [Jenny, this is my favourite answer so far! Just you all over!]

How did you come to work in weddings?

I trained as a chef after leaving school and always had a leaning towards the sweeter side of catering and gradually family cakes led to friends cakes, which led to paid for cakes, which finally and happily led to the world of weddings. I now specialise entirely in wedding cakes.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that my work life is so well planned in advance as weddings are booked and arranged usually a year or more ahead of time. Unlike the spontaneity of celebration and birthday cakes, wedding cakes are booked and planned well ahead of time and this suits me down to the ground as I am a very organised person and thrive in orderly situations!

I also love the changing trends and endless possibilities of designs, I enjoy hearing about the details of a couples wedding and tailoring the cake to fit their day.


What part of a wedding makes you go ‘YES!’?

Seeing the cake finally in place at the wedding venue surrounded by all the elements of the couples planning and decoration. Putting the cake in place, where it belongs.

If you were getting married tomorrow, what would you wear?

I loved my wedding dress, I would choose it again and only alter the design slightly and obviously need the seams altered!


Check out more deliciousness (is that a real word?) on Jenny’s website here.

JP x

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